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Our workshops are now located at the Old Market Tavern, Old Market Place, Altrincham, Cheshire. WA14-4DN



I am really pleased to be associated with 'Castle Rock Studios' in Alderley Edge, CRS is a brand new state of the art studio with just about every recording facility any band, artiste or DJ may need including video, the offer is only available on presentation an actual flyer which are available from the Old Market Tavern in Altrincham, please ask at the bar if interested, otherwise just inbox me and I will be happy to send you one.

Have a look at the CRS web site on the following link.

Castle Rock Studios

Guitar Workshop Workshop

My workshops shown above are located in the attic rooms of the Old Market Tavern in Altrincham! yes that's right we are above the pub, if you need to find me simply ask whoever is behind the bar and they will call for me, I am normally around from 12 noon when the pub opens and sometimes stay until around 9pm, the nice thing about this is you can always pick your guitar up anytime from 12 noon until midnight providing you let me know, the same goes for dropping stuff off, you can even get a pint and some dinner whilst you are there if you fancy!!!

The 'spanner guitar show above is just a dummy made from scrap I had lying around and hangs on the beam above the stage in the pub, it does play but was mainly made just as an advert, however I have decided to go into making custom guitars made from top stuff that play and sound wicked, prepare yourself for some weird and wonderful shaped axes coming up in the near future

What is Guitar Mechanic?

Car mechanics do not build cars from scratch they leave that to the manufacturers, what they do is repair, service and modify existing vehicles to customer requirements allowing the vehicle to perform at it's very best, a guitar has much in common with a car in so much that it has many moving parts that require adjustment, servicing and sometimes replacing, many of these parts can be up-graded and modified to suit the individual players needs, just like a car a guitar has a wiring harness connected to various electrical components such as pickups, pots,resistors and switches etc.and the quality and configuration of these components ultimately determine how the instrument will sound, also a guitar has a cosmetic finish either paint or varnish and decals, transfers and artwork to simply make it look good, all the above determine how your instrument will perform and look and all need attention every so often.

Therefore just as car mechanic keeps your vehicles performance and looks at it's very best 'Guitar Mechanic' does the same for your instrument allowing you to also perform at your very best without having to fight with buzzes and clicks and constantly going out of tune, hence 'Guitar Mechanic'

Repair & Sales Estimates

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to help. CONTACT US: Tel:07519-761033 or email please bookmark my web site: 

It is simply impracticle for me to stock every major brand of string on the market I only stock one major brand and that is 'Rotosound' who have been making strings since the early fifties, I have been using these strings ever since I started playing and have always found them to have a great tone and are long lasting

If you prefer another brand of strings please state make and gauge (or bring a set in with your guitar).

Rotosound Strings

‘When musicians were looking for a specific sound or concept, they would come visit me at the factory. Jimi Hendrix was not pleased with the sounds he would get when he bit his strings, so I developed a gauge which he thought 'tasted' right. The .006 and .007 first strings that he used to bite gave him the sound he was looking for.’

James How, Founder and Chairman of Rotosound, speaking in 1992


Thanks, Phil Platt

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